Súng phun sơn Wider1L Anest Iwata Made in Japan. Seri mới thay thế cho LPH-101


Súng phun sơn Wider1L là seri thay thế cho LPH-101

Wider1L vẫn có súng bình trên, bình dưới, áp lực.

Súng áp lực 1.2mm: Wider1L – 12G2P


Súng bình dưới 1.2mm Wider1L – 2 – 12J2S

Súng bình dưới 1.4mm Wider1L – 2 – 14J2S

Súng bình dưới 1.6mm Wider1L – 2 – 16J2S


Súng bình trên 1.2mm Wider1L – 2 –  12J2G

Súng bình trên 1.4mm Wider1L – 2 –  14J2G

Súng bình trên 1.6mm Wider1L – 2  – 16J2G

Rất đáng tiếc là hãng không sản xuất model thay thế cho LPH-101-082VLP.

Một số khách đang dùng model LPH-101-082LVP có thể chuyển sang dùng với model thông thường Wider1 – 08E2P hoặc súng đặc biệt TOF-101-072P. Hoặc mua linh kiện LPH-101 về thay.

Do nắp chụp sản xuất ren thưa hơn nên sẽ không vừa với LPH-101.

Tuy nhiên kim béc có thể lắp lẫn được.




Reliable quality and stability.
From “W” to “WIDER”, a new model has appeared again .

The most important thing in industrial painted products is “quality and stability”.
Diversifying applications, evolving paints, we have adapted to this change and created the best spray guns. We went back to the starting point and developed “WIDER1 and WIDER2” models that pursued “further quality and stability”.
14 years after the debut of W-101 and 22 years after the debut of W-200, our spray gun has expanded all over the world. The experience and know-how cultivated there was poured into this new model “WIDER” and completed.


Ergonomic design with an emphasis on functionality .

With ergonomic design applied to various parts, the weight has been reduced by 5g. Since the various knobs are tapered and the grooves are deepened, the high grip makes it easy to make fine adjustments. In addition, by incorporating resin parts behind the needle valve spring, smooth paint adjustment is possible. Furthermore, by smoothing the tip shape of the trigger, operability has been improved when applying a small amount.


Easy maintenance is possible by changing the model .

The new WIDER is designed for easy maintenance. By changing the screw pitch of the cap from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm, it can be tightened in about one and a half turns, which is half of the conventional one, and the rear end of the needle valve is shaped so that it can be easily attached and detached. did. And by providing a straight part without screws on the air and paint nipples, we realized easy installation of the joint.


pattern adjustment device that responds linearly .

The conventional pattern adjustment device reaches about 45% of the total pattern width in one rotation, about 80% in 1.5 rotations, and about 100% in two rotations, which is almost fully open. With the newly developed pattern adjustment device, it is adjusted to react linearly to about 35% in one rotation, about 50% in 1.5 rotations, and about 70% in two rotations, making it easier to operate more intuitively.


Air valve seat set with little individual difference .

In the conventional air valve seat set, the size of the opening of the air path is a combination of large and small, so the amount of air differs depending on the positional relationship (= individual difference) at the time of screwing, and the amount of paint ejected and It could affect the pattern width. In the new WIDER, the structure has been reviewed and the openings have been made large and uniform to realize an air valve seat with little individual difference due to screwing. More stable painting is possible.


high coating efficiency and optimum atomization in the low pressure region .

Reducing the amount of paint used and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is a major issue in painting work. A unique air cap, a dedicated nozzle, and a spray gun body mechanism realize high coating efficiency and optimum atomization in the low pressure region.
* The amount of paint used can be saved by 20 to 30% (compared to our company).
By reducing the scattering of paint, the maintenance period of the spray booth can be extended and the stains on the painter can be minimized, which contributes to the improvement of the working environment.

WIDER1L[Small spray gun]


Traditional format format Paint
supply method
Nozzle diameter
Φ mm
Blowing air
Pressure inside the cap
L / min
ejection amount
ml / min
LPH-101-122P WIDER1L-12G2P Pumping type 1.2 0.34 0.069 530 350 270 High fine grain WIDER1L-G2 290 Metal, woodworking, resin painting
LPH-101-124LVS WIDER1L-2-12J2S Suction type 1.2 0.1 0.049 200 60 170 WIDER1L-2-J2 Woodworking / furniture painting, metal painting
LPH-101-144LVS WIDER1L-2-14J2S 1.4 80 180
LPH-101-164LVS WIDER1L-2-16J2S 1.6 95 190
LPH-101-124LVG WIDER1L-2-12J2G Gravity type 1.2 80 * 1 200 * 1 Car repair, metal, woodworking, resin painting
LPH-101-144LVG WIDER1L-2-14J2G 1.4 130 * 1 220 * 1
LPH-101-164LVG WIDER1L-2-16J2G 1.6 0.13 0.069 240 100 220

● All models, spray distance 200 mm ● Paint viscosity 20 seconds / NK-2 ● All models, paint nipple G1 / 4, air nipple G1 / 4 * 1 Paint viscosity 12 seconds / NK-2

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